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I have been working at Helm for more than 1.5 years. This is a company with ethics and smart working environment which provides you opportunity to work in extreme competitive world.

I must say nice company to study new things and teaches how to handle pressures. Here I have got Good Learning Experience Huge Exposure, Supportive senior level managementNo doubts with HR dept, very helpful. Training whenever you need them.

Salary is never an issue. Office ambience is fantastic.Now this company need to focus on more employee welfare in terms of monitory benefits and perks as they are much better incompetition.

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CCS is a dynamic and growing company that will push you to grow along with it. Since the company is expanding there is definitely room for career growth and opportunity.

You will be faced with new challenges that allow you to develop different skills sets and take on more responsibility. In order to thrive in this company you need to be a person who likes a challenge and embraces change.


Agreed, The office environment is full of caring individuals who look out for your success. The management team is available and willing to help you through anything that you need, they also maintain the professional level that you would expect from the company. I really enjoy working with my peers.

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I attended a TTT program, CCS has very knowledgeable trainers who are helpful and are there when you need help. They are very considerate and very helpful to you at all times, the company and its employees treat you well and give you the necessary tools you need.

I enjoyed training and working for this company as they have a lot of skilled people willing to help you.

I have really started to see what my field, what it is all about and CCS is always helping every step on the way, very supportive. On top you dont pay well you get training incentive :)Terrific it is.

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CCS Global Tech - Good training expereince

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“As a graduate student, stepping out of college in a bleak market was always worrisome to me. I chose CCS on my friend's recommendation and here I was getting trained on some of the most asked for technologies.

I had no idea as to what I was about to learn, but the training team at CCS made it so simple for all of us that I found a new confidence to excel. The training team is highly talented, professional and focused. Apart from helping me understand the concepts, they also helped me in preparing for the interviews and this training, till date, is helping me gain new professional achievements. The best part about the whole training is that you get to learn a whole lot before you are actually on job!

I can easily say that the team at CCS puts every effort in helping you achieve your goals.

I would highly recommend CCS to all those who are looking to get a head start in the tough job market.” “Very knowledgeable trainers who are helpful and are there when you need help. They are very considerate and very helpful to you at all times, the company and its employees treat you well and give you the necessary tools you need

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CCS Global Tech - Learning environment

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“Weeks of intensive training that covers Soft Skills, SQL, Basic DBA, Data-Warehouse, SSIS,SSAS,SSRS is one of the best. Compare it with any other what we call as consultancies, you won’t find anywhere.

Trainers put so much of time and effort with every individual in shaping their future. The training is not only stuffed with theoretical concepts but one gets great practical experience through assignments throughout the training. And then you have Viva Voce exams on regular basis that really help you in training for interviews and cracking them with ease. I give due respect and credit to my trainers.

They are some of the best. Having worked in the industry on various projects, their approach is very methodological and practical. Moreover, this is one of those places where you too get to evaluate the training for first 10 days. See if it suits you and your style.

Where else can you get this privilege?” “The level of professional that they show employees is fantastic, I was pleased with the respect and effort that they gave to me during my training phase. It has really helped me to get a solid foundation on starting my career” I am highly pleased with training and the efforts shown.

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CCS Global Tech

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“Great working environment, very professional, innovative, and willing to take the feedback of its employees, they really make you feel part of the growing business.”“What I like best about the company is the colleagues; they are friendly and willing to help you with projects and tasks.” “I enjoy working for the company and the management staff is very supportive as well“The training staff is very talented and supportive, there is so much to be taught and learned, and there patience is what helped me gain new skills”. I am very pleased by their service and with the quality of work done.

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